Groping extra almost exposed Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike dance scene

An extra got too handsy with him.

Magic Mike was almost a hard 'R' movie when a lusty extra got a little too handsy with star Matthew McConaughey.

The Oscar winner was dancing in character as stripper Dallas during a scene in the 2012 hit when he realised one woman in the audience wanted to grope his manhood.

"It was somewhat choreographed, but I knew I wanted to head out to the end of the runway," he tells chat show host Ellen DeGeneres. "It was a very vulnerable - you've got this small thong... covering what God gave you down there, and I remember I'm on my back doing some sort of pelvic thrust and there were some hands on me, and that's fine...

"Then all of a sudden the hands kinda moved and this one hand I felt. I could feel in her hand, it had great confidence in it, and where it was going. And as it moved, I was like, 'Oh no, that hand's not stopping! That hand's going in for the kill!'"

McConaughey rolled out of danger and "shuffled to the back of the stage".

"I was a couple of seconds away from that film being more than NC-17," he grinned.

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