Tyra Banks pushing for Coyote Ugly sequel

Tyra Banks had a small role as a bartender in the movie.

Tyra Banks has been passionately lobbying for a sequel to her 2000 movie Coyote Ugly for years.

The movie followed Violet, played by Piper Perabo, who moves to New York to launch a career as a songwriter and pays the bills by working at a bar where the all-female staff dance on the bar.

To mark the movie's 20th anniversary, Tyra, who played a bartender alongside the likes of Maria Bello and Bridget Moynahan, revealed to Variety that she has been campaigning for a sequel for a while and even has producer Jerry Bruckheimer, songwriter Diane Warren, and singer LeAnn Rimes on board.

"I've had a passion to do a sequel to Coyote Ugly for some time now," she shared. "I've even reached out to Jerry Bruckheimer and the team and the original writer and they've had some jam sessions on what it could possibly be. I feel like we need to do some type of rallying cry to social media, you know, kind of like a petition to get people to sign to make the sequel.

"I actually really want to produce it. We have really been wanting to do that and even had a form of a treatment with the original writer. And even Warren, who did the original music with Rimes, is super passionate about this."

Tyra and Piper have been discussing a sequel privately on social media and the actress stated that she would want the follow-up to reflect how attitudes have changed in the past 20 years.

"We're all 20 years older and we have to rethink the story. Like, 'Who owns the bar? What are we all doing? Do we all still know each other? And what's it about?'" she explained. "Because that movie in 2000, that was a really different moment, that was the sort of stiletto-feminism and women's rights and we're maybe in the third wave of feminism now and things have evolved and I would want the movie to reflect that evolution."

Producer Jerry added that his team has been trying to get "something going" but they haven't had much luck as it was made by Disney's Touchstone Pictures label, which no longer exists.

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