Ray Fisher compiling testimonies against Joss Whedon

The actor said he has no regrets going public with his allegations against the director.

Ray Fisher is gathering stories from others to allegedly support his claim that Joss Whedon behaved unprofessionally on the set of Justice League.

The actor, who played Victor Stone and his alter ego Cyborg in the 2017 superhero blockbuster, accused the filmmaker of "abusive" behaviour on social media earlier this month.

And during a live panel for the Justice League fan convention JusticeCon on Saturday, Fisher announced he has been busy building a case against Whedon by gathering testimony from others.

"It's taken me two and a half years to get all the information I need to be able to build something that's strong enough so people can't dismiss it," he said, adding that he's been approaching people who have worked with Whedon to see if they would speak anonymously about their experience.

"And so we're in the process of making sure that people can tell their stories in a confidential way that they don't get any sort of retribution done against them," Fisher explained, according to Variety. "We're gonna get to the heart of everything. And if anything I said about that man is untrue, I invite him wholeheartedly to sue me for libel, to sue me for slander."

During the live panel, Fisher was asked to compare working with Whedon to Zack Snyder, who originally helmed Justice League before having to leave the project after his daughter Autumn tragically passed away.

"What I will say toward the Joss Whedon situation is obviously I put out some pretty strong words and some pretty strong comments about Joss Whedon, and every single one of those words, every single one of those comments, is true," he fired.

And the True Detective star has no regrets about going public with his allegations.

"Whatever happens to me with respect to my career or whatever that is, I could not care less," Fisher stated.

Whedon is yet to comment on Fisher's remarks.

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