Guillermo del Toro faces many challenges filming Nightmare Alley amid global pandemic

Nightmare Alley is set to star Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, and Toni Collette.

Guillermo del Toro has opened up about the unique challenges facing him as he prepares to resume production on his upcoming horror movie Nightmare Alley.

The Oscar-winning director is currently trying to create a safe environment amid the global pandemic to accommodate his stars, including Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, and Toni Collette, so he can resume production on the highly-anticipated project.

During a live panel at the Comic-Con@Home event, Guillermo explained how difficult it has been to reschedule his cast, with them having other filming commitments.

"The blessing of having this cast is amazing, but the difficulties of rescheduling with all this are enormous," he shared. "Because everybody is on the mend, everybody is going everywhere. You have to work around everybody's schedule."

He went on to compare the shoot to a hospital operating theatre and revealed he has had to completely transform how he approaches movie-making as he prepares to shoot the carnival-set horror flick.

"You have to be sterile, you have to have everybody in conditions that are almost clinical, but you have to reenact the carnival with the extras and everything. The way you approach it is different," Guillermo stated, noting that he's now unable to hire extras by the day in order to avoid a possible Covid-19 outbreak on the set.

"You want them exclusively because you don't want them to go from your set to a comedy in space, and then they come back and they didn't quarantine. So you're basically buying them for a period and saying, 'You're going to be monogamous with our movie. You're not going to go on shoot three and come back on Wednesday,'" he said. "There's dozens and dozens of pages of caution that we had to really consider. I'll tell you on the other end."

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