Jared Leto didn't send Margot Robbie rat while playing Joker

Jared Leto has compared playing the Joker to an infamous Shakespearean character.

Jared Leto has come clean over a rumour that he pranked Margot Robbie by sending her a rat during the filming of Suicide Squad.

"I never gave Margot Robbie a dead rat, that’s not true," Leto declared in a video interview with GQ.

The ruse began five years ago during Suicide Squad's 2015 press tour, when castmembers told the media that Leto, in character as the Joker, would send his fellow actors twisted gifts, including a rat to Robbie, who played Harley Quinn. Robbie ran with the gag, further embellishing the story and even saying she even bought the nonexistent live rodent toys and a leash.

Leto clarified that the only thing he ever gave Robbie were pastries.

"I actually gave her a lot of... I found this place in Toronto that had a great vegan cinnamon bun... so that was a very common thing," he shared, musing: "it's funny how all this stuff takes on a life of its own."

Elsewhere in the interview, Leto pondered what it meant to take on the role of the Joker, a part he has recently reprised for Zak Snyder's upcoming 4-hour cut of Justice League.

"Stepping into the Joker's shoes... is this generation's version of, like, taking on an infamous Shakespearean character, lots of people have played the before, lots of people will play it in the future," Leto reflected.

Snyder's Justice League will be released on 18 March by HBO Max.

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