Charlize Theron embraced playing foul-mouthed character in Gringo

The actress plays an outrageous corporate boss in Gringo.

Charlize Theron took great pleasure in playing a foul-mouthed character in her new movie Gringo.

The actress has taken on the role of Elaine Markinson in the action-comedy movie directed by Nash Edgerton, who is a steely corporate boss known for delivering the most outrageous profanities and putdowns.

And Charlize has openly admitted that she is a big fan of her character's acid tongue.

"I don't know if I like to shock people! But I have a very clear appreciation for, I guess, a certain truthful humour," the 42-year-old laughed in an interview with Total Film magazine. "I respond very well to those types of people. I find them funny."

Her co-workers on the film claimed that the role was a perfect fit for the star, with Nash insisting she "knew how to swear," while his brother Joel Edgerton stated: "She likes to shock...she can say shocking things."

The Oscar winner went on to share that she developed her sharp tongue during her years growing up in South Africa, crediting her mother Gerda for her input.

"I think it has to do with the fact I was raised by a broad - a very strong, tough, sunny, sarcastic, take-no-s**t kind of mother, and that has a lot to do with how I see the world today," she said. "I think there's a real freedom in saying something the way it really is."

Charlize added that she first became acquainted with Nash after watching his "inventive and original" short film Spider in 2007. After that, the mother-of-two was keen for the pair of them to team up.

"We actually just became really good friends, and from that moment on we were constantly looking for something to do. We took our sweet time but eventually found Gringo."

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