Wes Anderson transports audience to Isle of Dogs at Berlin Film Festival

Bill Murray led his castmates into song during the movie's enthusiastic red carpet debut.

Director Wes Anderson returned to the Berlin Film Festival in Germany on Thursday (15Feb18) to open the event with his new movie Isle of Dogs.

The filmmaker headlined the gathering back in 2014 with The Grand Budapest Hotel and he reappeared in Germany with a bang as he made an appearance on the red carpet with the cast of his new animated film, about a gang of exiled mutts living on an abandoned trash island.

Cast members were on hand to celebrate Anderson's latest venture, and the director couldn't help but gush about his ensemble, which features the voice talents of Tilda Swinton, Greta Gerwig, Bryan Cranston, Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Murray.

"Most of the actors here are people who I have either worked with before or have loved for years,” Wes said during a panel chat at the festival. "One thing about an animated movie is (talent) can't really say 'not available’."

Bill Murray, who has teamed up with Anderson on several films, absolutely loved reuniting with the director for Isle of Dogs, and he was so elated to be at Berlinale, he led the cast into song on the red carpet.

"With this movie it is a little bit like in the We Are the World (USA for Africa charity) video," Murray explained to Variety. "These are some of the great voices of cinema and I’m very happy to be singing even if I only get one verse."

Although the Isle of Dog stars had a blast making the movie, Wes admits the subject matter is really dark, and ended up unwittingly reflecting the social problems many countries are facing today.

“We knew there was something happening politically (in the film). It’s where the story came from, and what happens in the movie, it’s our fantasy of the politics in this made-up place,” he noted. “But then, because we have been working on this movie for a long time, the world began to change in the movie and we all said it feels right for the moment, so maybe there were tiny places along the way, where we were getting new inspiration from real life.”

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