Dominic Cooper was shocked by his sex scenes with Gemma Arterton

The pair filmed several awkward intimate scenes in new film The Escape.

Dominic Cooper was shocked when he watched his sex scenes with Gemma Arterton for the first time.

The pair play a husband and wife whose marriage is falling apart in new film, The Escape. The sex scenes make for particularly uncomfortable viewing during the heartbreaking story, and the Mamma Mia! star had been oblivious to Gemma’s intense performance during filming.

“Dominic knew I was going through something but I don’t think he knew the details, the small things,” the British actress told Cover Media. “Sort of weird, there’s scenes, especially the bedroom scenes actually, where you’re not as an audience sure what you’re watching yet. And there’s stuff that I knew I was doing, really sad things, that I knew he (the cameraman) caught but Dominic Cooper wasn’t aware of. So I like became friends with the camera, he was my confidante.”

The 32-year-old, who previously played Bond Girl Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace, went on to explain that while she usually hates filming sex scenes, she felt a sense of ease with Dominic as her partner.

“If I’m really honest, Dominic Cooper and I have known each other for so long he’s sort of like my annoying brother that I love dearly,” she smiled. “I usually hate with a passion doing any sort of sex scene but this felt different. It actually felt quite easy. Obviously really distressing, but not in the kind of usual ways where you’re distressed doing a sex scene where it’s: ‘I don’t know this person and urgh they’re suddenly touching my breast.’ You didn’t even need to think about that. What was distressing was the acting bit.”

Nevertheless, Gemma was pleased director Dominic Savage suggested they film the bedroom scenes on the first day so “it was done and then it was out the way.”

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