Gemma Arterton reflected on family divorce history in latest movie

The actress filmed in her hometown of Gravesend for new movie The Escape.

Gemma Arterton reflected on her family’s divorce history while filming her very “personal” latest film, The Escape.

The English actress plays Tara, who decides to buy a one-way ticket to Paris, leaving her husband (Dominic Cooper) and two children behind after growing miserable from her stagnate family life.

In order to portray a woman dissatisfied with her marriage, Gemma explained that much of her interpretation came from her own reality.

“I grew up in a house where divorce was everywhere. All of my grandparents, my mum, my dad, everyone was divorced. And I didn’t actually have a reference for a successful marriage, so I was drawing on that,” the 32-year-old shared to Cover Media. “I was drawing on my own life and relationships. But also, it’s weird because you bring your own stuff to it and then you also invent. I worked with Dominic Cooper, he’d bring whatever he was bringing and you react off that, and then it becomes something that is fictional. So as much as you have to kind of fill it with your own experiences, it becomes something else.”

The movie particularly resonated with the star because it was filmed in a real family house in her hometown of Gravesend, Kent and the children living there were cast as her offspring in the feature.

Her co-star Frances Barber, who played Gemma’s on-screen mother, also helped establish a degree of familiarity through her characterisation.

“We shot in my mum’s house and Frances copied my mum,” the St Trinian’s star smiled. “She was wearing the same clothes than my mum wears and she was doing my mum’s accent. And she says: ‘you know what I do, I work down the Somerset seven days a week,’ and my mum used to work down the Somerset Arms (pub).”

“It helped me a lot to be in my home town,” she added. “It sort of automatically fills in a lot of the gaps.”

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