Helena Bonham Carter took sewing lessons to perfect Ocean's 8 designer character

The actress also insisted her character was Irish, so she'd seem more dreamy.

Helena Bonham Carter insisted on sewing classes before she started shooting Ocean's 8, because she wanted to look like someone who could make a dress from scratch.

The Brit, who plays Irish designer Rose Weil in the new movie, has often been ridiculed for her dress sense in the tabloids and for the blockbuster, and in the film, she not only wanted to look good, she wanted to look like she knew what she was doing.

"Even if Rose is no longer at the top of her game, she is actually a skilled designer," Helena explains to WENN, "so I wanted to look as if I could make a frock.

"That’s the gift of doing what I do - you get to see the world through another person’s eyes. As Rose, it was through a designer’s eyes, which was a completely different experience for me."

To perfect her research, the actress spent days in the costume department, taking sewing lessons and learning how to drape properly - and nail her Irish accent.

"There’s absolutely no reason why she is Irish, plot-wise, but I thought it would make her more 'away with the fairies', as if I need any help with that," she smiles.

Her research paid off and she's receiving acclaim from the critics and her castmates.

Sandra Bullock, who leads the cast, loved working with the Brit: "Helena is the queen," Bullock states with pure admiration. "I have never met a more unique and sweet human being. And you never know where she’s going to go in a scene; it could be written a certain way and then... there goes Helena. She forced us to stay light on our feet."

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