Toni Collette happy to take blame for fans' Hereditary nightmares

The leading lady felt called to do the horror film.

Actress Toni Collette is prepared to take the blame for the nightmares fans are likely to have after watching horror film Hereditary.

The leading lady of director Ari Aster's new scary movie is receiving widespread acclaim for her terrifying turn in the feature, with some of her onscreen facial expressions being dubbed more frightening than the hellish ghost characters themselves.

The film, which has been given a big promotional push, will be officially released on Friday (08Jun18), and Toni won't be offended if movie-goers hold her fully responsible for their night terrors as a result of the spine-chilling scenes.

"I've made so many movies, and the distribution somehow, they drop the ball," she tells Collider. "It's just exciting to me to know that people are going to see this f**king film because you know, you give 100 per cent on every job.

"This one was hard, and kind of somewhat perversely satisfying, so it's exciting that it may have an actual, sizeable audience. I'm happy for people to blame for whatever they're going to blame me for. I didn't buy their ticket for them!"

The film has generated such a buzz, it even has its own emoji on Twitter, with users who punch in the hashtag #Hereditary getting a cartoon version of one of Toni's twisted scream faces in their tweet.

The 45 year old never imagined her face would be a Twitter emoji and she can't get enough of it.

"How funny is that?," she laughs. "I love it. I feel sorry for the people who are actually looking at (tweeting) #Hereditary in a serious way."

Collette admits she is not a horror fan and would probably never watch a movie like Hereditary on her own, but the picture's script was so good, she couldn't turn the project down.

"When I read it (script), it felt - it was one of those situations that you hear actors talking about, it always sounds incredibly pretentious, where it feels like it has somehow, I haven't chosen it, it's chosen me," she explains. "I really wasn't looking to do anything like this, but it was just felt so honest, and for a film that kind of creeps into a genre element to have such brave honesty and a kind of poetic vibe was an incredible combination."

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