The Ciambra

Executive producer Martin Scorsese presents the electrifying sophomore feature from rising director Jonas Carpignano (MEDITERRANEA). 14-year-old Pio (Pio Amato) wants nothing more than the respect of his older brother, whom he emulates in every way--including his career as a petty criminal. When both his father and brother are arrested, Pio is determined to prove that he can step up and be the head of his sprawling Romani family. But a fateful night and a wrenching decision soon test just how ready he is. Steeped in the complex social fabric of Southern Italy--where Italians, Romani, and African migrants coexist in uneasy tension--A CIAMBRA is a bracing plunge into a world in which growing up fast is a matter of survival.





UK Release Date: 
Fri, 06/15/2018
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Running Time: 
118 Mins

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