Evan Rachel Wood scoops best performance prize at Whistler Film Festival

Evan Rachel Wood has described her latest award win as "amazing".

Evan Rachel Wood won an award for her role in drama A Worthy Companion at the Whistler Film Festival on Sunday (03Dec17).

The 30-year-old actress stars in the drama film as Laura, a troubled woman who has an obsession with a teenage girl (Julia Sarah Stone) after suffering abuse and failed relationships in the past.

Her acting skills gained her the Best Performance in a Borsos Competition Film Award at the event’s annual ceremony over the weekend and although she wasn’t in attendance, Evan took to Twitter to share her delight at the win.

“Oh my god! This is amazing. Thank you! I am shooting #westworld at the moment & was sad I missed this. Congratulations to the film as well!” she gushed.

The jury also commented on her emotional role, noting in a statement, “Evan gives a brave, raw nuance performance that explores the grey areas between predator and victim.”

A Worthy Companion, which marks the first full-length feature by directors Carlos and Jason Sanchez, also tied with Ian Lagarde’s debut All You Can Eat Buddha for the $15,000 (£11,000) cash prize presented by the Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia, for the 14th edition of the Borsos Competition for Best Canadian Feature Film, sponsored by Encore Vancouver.

Not stopping there, it won Best Cinematography in a Borsos Film too.

Other projects which emerged successful from the event, which took place on the last day of the Whistler Film Festival, include Cardinals, by Grayson Moore​, for Best Screenplay and The Gospel According to Andre winning the World Documentary Award.

As Evan mentioned in her tweet, she's currently busy shooting the second series of TV show Westworld, inspired by the 1973 science fiction film about a world of entertainment staffed by robots. The new season is due to air next year.

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