Kevin Feige: ‘Matt Damon’s Thor cameo was surreal’

Kevin Feige finds every single Marvel Studios film “very special”.

Kevin Feige found it “surreal and very amazing” when Matt Damon appeared on the set of Thor: Ragnarok.

The Suburbicon actor makes a cameo in the new Marvel movie, which sees Chris Hemsworth once again play the title hero, who this time must fight the evil goddess Hela, played by Cate Blanchett.

Producer Kevin was excited for stars to pop up unexpectedly in the film, but never anticipated that Matt would make an appearance.

Discussing scenes in which Matt, Jurassic Park actor Sam Neill and Chris’ brother Luke portray historic moments from the characters’ history, Kevin recalled to “Who could be Loki? We didn’t have any brilliant ideas. At one point, off handedly, Mr. Hemsworth goes, ‘Well what if I ask my friend Matt?’ I said, ‘Matt who?’ He said, ‘My friend, Matt Damon.’ ‘Okay. Sure. Sure Chris, ask your friend Matt Damon. Give me a break. He’s not doing this.’ ‘Oh he’s gonna do it. He’s flying down.’

“The next thing I know, Matt Damon is on set in a full Loki costume, full Loki wig... It is very surreal and very amazing.”

The crew were even able to get photos of the 47-year-old standing next to British star Tom Hiddleston, who portrays the god of mischief in the movies - both in full costume. What amazed Kevin even more was that Matt agreed to the part because of his firm friendship with Chris, something the film producer describes as an “awesome thing”.

Kevin, who is also the president of Marvel Studios, has his hands busy with countless projects in the coming years, all of which provide just as much excitement as the last.

“There is something very special about those movies that is happening everyday on set. It’s not just the crew that feels it, or me that feels it, it’s all the cast who are all mega-stars in their own right, yet feel privileged to be doing what they’re doing every day,” he smiled.

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