Zachary Quinto: 'We're all fighting for the same cause in Hollywood'

Zachary Quinto misses former Spock actor Leonard Nimoy deeply, having grown close to him during their time on the new Star Trek films.

Zachary Quinto isn't worried about racial diversity drawing attention away from sexual diversity in Hollywood.

When the contenders for this year's (16) Academy Awards were announced at the end of 2015 many stars were quick to notice there were no performers of colour in the top categories, with some celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith even choosing to boycott the ceremony.

This isn't the only issue which has been raised recently though as the industry has been criticised for failing to embrace LGBT and other minority voices. But Zachary, who came out as gay in 2011, sees all the issues as one big cause which needs to be resolved.

"No, it's like a process," he told SFX when quizzed if he's concerned. "It's an ebb and flow. Any minority group is going to have to stand up and draw attention to their particular cause. The cultural and ethnic diversity is basically of the same ilk, and we just ought to support each other. It's just standing up and being counted, and being identified."

Zachary has all eyes on him at the moment as he returns as pointy-eared Spock in Star Trek Beyond, joining former co-stars such as Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana on another intergalactic journey. The new instalment features a touching tribute to Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock actor, who died last February (15). His death took a toll on Zachary, 39, who became good friends with the veteran actor before his passing.

"I just miss him," Zachary sighed. "I miss his voice, I miss the idea of calling him up and making a plan to have brunch or dinner. We spent a lot of time together. It’s just the presence of someone that you care about deeply who's no longer in the world that I miss most."

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