Will Gluck: Foxx is the boss!

Will Gluck is glad Quvenzhané Wallis' age restricted working hours on the Annie set.

Will Gluck has crowned Jamie Foxx Mayor of the World.

The director is behind the latest adaptation of musical classic Annie, which stars Jamie as Will Stacks and Quvenzhané Wallis as the iconic orphan character.

With Cameron Diaz also making an appearance as Hannigan, it was never a chore to be on set.

"One of the reasons this shoot wasn't a pain in the ass is Quvenzhané is so young and she can't work so many hours, and so it wasn't so gruelling," Will laughed to Collider about the film's 11-year-old protagonist.

"She's a real bright light and she's a lot of fun. And Cameron's kind and funny and sweet, and Jamie is the Mayor of the World!"

Annie promises to be a treat for the whole family and hit cinemas this week, making it an instant Christmas favourite.

Cameron, 42, quickly became popular among her friends when they heard she was involved in the movie.

"I had some friends that wanted to come [visit on set] and couldn't make it and were heartbroken," she revealed. "My girlfriend wanted to bring her daughter but they couldn't make it and were bummed."

Cameron also praised writer-and-director Will for taking the original story and weaving in contemporary elements.

To give things a modern edge, singer Sia has recorded some tracks for the film.

"She made music that you wanna listen to; you don't get sick of [the songs], they're so fun, so uplifting and current," Cameron gushed.

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