Sofia Vergara to voice Flamenco Dancer in The Emoji Movie

Sofia Vergara has often been told she resembles the dancing lady emoticon.

Sofia Vergara is set to voice the Flamenco Dancer emoticon in upcoming animation The Emoji Movie.

The Colombian actress, who found fame with her Golden Globe-nominated role as Gloria in the sitcom Modern Family, will lend her distinct vocals to the upcoming animated movie, which is based on the cartoon faces and beings found on mobile phones.

Sofia, 44, shared the news of her casting on Instagram with a photo of herself in a red outfit standing alongside an enlarged version of the female flamenco with a flowing dress and rose in her mouth.

“Excited to be Flamenco Dancer in @emojimovie !!! #emojimovie,” she captioned the picture, complete with the emoji itself.

She also discussed her role with People magazine, explaining her alter ego is the life and soul of the party throughout the film as she’s always dancing.

“She does it in the morning when she gets up, she does it when she’s eating, she probably does it when she’s sleeping,” Sofia laughed. “It makes things like driving or putting on her make-up very difficult.

“I thought it was a great adventure and who doesn’t like an emoji? I thought it was going to be a perfect role for me because people are always saying that I look like her!”

Sofia joins the likes of T. J. Miller as Gene, a unique emoji who can express different emotions, James Corden as Hi-Five and Patrick Stewart as the poop emoji.

Speaking on U.S. talk show Conan last month (Mar17), the veteran actor recalled what made him take on the part.

"Thirty years ago, I probably wouldn't have accepted this role," Patrick admitted. "But I'm now honoured and delighted to be playing the role of the emoji Poop... I listened to (my agent) say 'poop', and I said, 'Yes!’ How diverse could an emoji role get? Poop is it. That's the one."

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