Scodelario craved female company

Kaya Scodelario had to call for female backup after being outnumbered by boys on The Maze Runner set.

Kaya Scodelario's best friend delivered tampons to her on The Maze Runner set.

The former Skins star is the only female in the action flick about a group of boys trapped in a labyrinth they must escape from.

Originally the 22-year-old wasn't worried about being outnumbered, but eventually she had to resort to calling in some help.

"Near the end, I flew my best friend out to Louisiana," she admitted to Time Out London magazine.

"It was actually fine. I've grown up around a lot of boys and lots of my friends are guys. I can drink like a man. But there were so many boys and I needed some female company. I called her and was like, 'Bring me tampons and hairspray. I need you now.'"

Kaya's big break came in British show Skins, which has also launched the careers of Jack O'Connell and Dev Patel. She still can't believe how far she's come and never would have dreamed she'd end up in front of the camera.

"At school you're not encouraged to think you could go to university," she said.

"They took us to Oxford University to visit when we were 16, and within ten minutes it was, 'OK, you lot can just go around the shops.' We were messing around at first and they wrote us off.

"I felt that a lot when I was growing up. I assumed I'd end up working in a shop down the road. That's why I don't hide my working-class background. I want people to look at me and think, 'I could do that thing I really love.'"

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