Rose Byrne relies on variety to keep her going

Rose Byrne doesn't think she'd have room to pause if she signed up to another franchise on top of X-Men.

Actress Rose Byrne will always be happy if she continues to juggle genres.

The Australian beauty has starred in array of different films over the years, from sci-fi drama Sunshine to hit comedy Bridesmaids. There's no theme she won't undertake, as versatility is what Rose loves about her career.

"It's lovely to have diversity I any career, whether it's something like Bad Neighbours or something small like (drama) The Meddler," she explained to Empire magazine. "If I could keep juggling things like that I'd feel very happy. We had such a great time on (horror) Insidious. We shot that first one 22 days."

Rose is also a part of the hugely popular X-Men franchise, making her debut in 2011's First Class as Dr. Moira MacTaggert. She loves the camaraderie between the cast, also including Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, and describes behind-the-scene antics as "hilarious".

As much as she loves the Marvel universe though, Rose doesn't think she'd quickly sign up to another series of films if the opportunity arose.

"I really don't think it would give me pause," she sighed. "So many incredible actors do franchises then do independent films and then do theatre. It's a different kind of business now and everyone is across genres all the time."

She also spoke about the scrutiny remakes and reboots face, such as Annie and the Star Wars films. Rose doesn't understand why the positive feedback is shunned in favour of more critical opinions.

"Why is it only the people who say negative stuff about changing casting, whether it's from a man to a woman or changing the ethnicity of a character?" she mused. "I'm sure there are positive things that are being said, but those people never really get the microphone."

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