Rosamund Pike: Bond was insane!

Rosamund Pike has spoken about working with Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry in 007 film, Die Another Day.

Rosamund Pike is thrilled she filmed Die Another Day in such an “insane environment”.

The 36-year-old actress shot to fame after playing Bond girl Miranda Frost in the 2002 movie, which also starred Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry.

And Rosamund found shooting the picture absolutely exhilarating, as the extremely complicated stunts created an entirely unique atmosphere.

"The whole set was rocking. You could see heat from the flames," Rosamund recalled to USA Today. "In this insane environment, we were having to perform these very technical moves. I have never been part of anything like that since."

Rosamund has picked up several nominations this awards season, including an Academy Award nod, for her work as character Amy Dunne in Gone Girl.

In order to authentically portray her sociopathic character, Rosamund did research by visiting websites like and other online forums.

She found it fascinating how this mental disorder was discussed online.

"It's people owning it in private, anonymously," Rosamund noted. "There's a feeling there that one is not unlucky to be a sociopath. I think they feel more charismatic, more empowered. Life is good, without getting hung on emotional issues."

The star has been in a relationship with mathematical researcher Robie Uniacke since 2009 and they share two young children together.

She gave birth to their second son Atom in December and Rosamund is in awe over her many recent accomplishments.

"To have this new life and this complete career turning point at the same time — it's a pretty heady cocktail," Rosamund said. "But the two are so separate."

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