Robert De Niro: Times are changing

Robert De Niro found it refreshing to work with director Nancy Meyers on new comedy The Intern because the whole experience was “the opposite” of how most films are made nowadays.

Robert De Niro isn’t very impressed with how “times are changing” in modern filmmaking.

The 72-year-old Academy Award-winning actor is currently promoting his new movie The Intern, which was directed by Nancy Meyers.

The comedy is atypical when compared to other current releases and Robert found the process of making The Intern very refreshing.

“For me it was back to normal in some ways,” he told Britain’s The Independent. “This is not the type of movie you see much of these days.

“[Nancy’s] my generation and I'm used to doing movies the way she does them and taking a long time to shoot. Times are changing.”

The Intern centres around online fashion boss Jules Ostin, played by Anne Hathaway, who gives retiree Ben Whittaker, Robert’s character, a placement at her extremely successful start-up company.

Robert revealed finding funding for the picture was an incredible challenge because of the unique storyline.

“Nancy had difficulty getting this idea made,” he noted. “It's not the formula-type thing of, 'We'll put these two together and we don't even care what the script is. Just do it!' They do that. You'll fix it as you go along and spend an enormous amount of money – millions and millions of dollars on certain action films. This is the opposite side.”

In terms of acting, Robert never stops working on his craft.

He learns much of his technique through day-to-day observation.

“I observe everybody and pick up things,” he said. “I was in the park the other day and had to stop and watch this guy, a homeless guy sitting on a bench, and hear the things he was saying. It was sad but interesting.”

Robert has collaborated with filmmaker Martin Scorsese on numerous movies, including Raging Bull and Mean Streets.

He is hoping to reunite with the celebrated director on an upcoming gangster film called The Irishman and a sequel to spy drama The Good Shepherd.

Part of the reason why Robert decided to star in The Intern is to prove a point about how the elderly can still contribute to society.

“Especially in America people aren't as respectful of old people,” he explained. “It's an attitude of, 'You're too old. Move on! We don't need that any more'.”

The Intern is currently playing in American theatres.

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