Ridley Scott cemented in Hollywood history at legendary Chinese Theatre

The director plans to answer fans' questions about the origin of the lethal extraterrestrial predators in Alien: Covenant.

Director Ridley Scott was left "in awe" after placing his hands and feet in wet cement outside Hollywood's fabled Chinese Theatre.

The Gladiator filmmaker became the 304th person to be added to the pavement outside the cinema on Wednesday (17May17).

“You’re always in awe when something like that happens,” the 79-year-old tells Variety. “It’s wonderful. There’s no other word for it.”

Ridley went on to explain he arrived in Los Angeles off a Greyhound bus with little money and a dream in 1960, and when he first set eyes on the Chinese Theatre, he never thought his hands and feet would be cemented at the venue alongside Hollywood icons like the Marx Brothers, Humphrey Bogart, and Judy Garland.

“One of the big deals for me was to come to Hollywood,” the Brit recalls. “I stayed in a boarding house nearby and walked to Hollywood Boulevard. I remember standing outside and staring at the footprints. Never, ever, would I have thought that this would happen.”

Ridley's Chinese Theatre honour comes just two days before his new sci-fi film Alien: Covenant is released in the U.S. on Friday (19May17), and although he is deeply moved by the accolade, his primary focus continues to be on making the greatest movies he can.

“I’m hoping to scare the s**t out of you (with Covenant), if I don’t, I’m in trouble," he quips. "(This) one’s quite tough. It’s definitely an R (rated film), don’t show the kids. I decided I better nail this one, so I did.”

Ridley also notes this sequel to his 2012 hit Prometheus will be far more dark than its predecessor.

"When I decided to resurrect the story, I felt I couldn’t let it go so dark so soon," he explains. "When we did Prometheus, it was a more genteel way of easing back into it. This is a thinking man’s scary movie.

“All those things (about the lethal aliens) are answered: Why and to what purpose they exist. I’m scared about getting highbrow, but it raises questions of creationism and all that."

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