Quvenzhané: Cameron mothered me on Annie set

Quvenzhané Wallis thinks of her acting skills as a gift from God.

Quvenzhané Wallis saw Cameron Diaz as a mother figure on the set of Annie.

The two star alongside each other in the modern remake of the 1982 classic, which hits cinema screens later this month.

Jamie Foxx and Rose Byrne also star in the tale of a young kid left in foster care by her parents, searching for a family of her own.

"Cameron [Diaz] was like a mother to me," Quvenzhané smiled to ES Magazine, adding: "The other girls [from Annie] are my friends."

At 11, Quvenzhané already has an impressive body of work, including 12 years a Slave and an Oscar nomination for Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Being an actress has always been on her agenda, with the young star revealing she feels like she's been given an extraordinary talent to share with the world.

"I like changing into a whole other character - sometimes it might be me, or sometimes it’s a whole different person, but a good person, not a bad person. I feel like this is a really important gift that God gave me for a special reason, and I’m glad that he gave it to me and I can’t wait to see what the special reason is," she declared.

She's already getting recognised on the street and isn't finding it too hard to deal with this aspect of fame.

In fact, she's happy to spend time with her fans when they approach her.

"It’s not really annoying. Sometimes I’m in, like, a chill zone, but I’m always there for my fans and if they ever need a hug, or a letter, or a picture, or my shoe, I’ll always give it to them. I’m kidding. My shoes are my shoes," she laughed.

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