Quvenzhané: Cameron can be cruel!

Quvenzhané Wallis wasn’t impressed when a scene from Annie was ruined by Jamie Foxx’s screaming fans.

Quvenzhané Wallis was left wondering where the nice Cameron Diaz went on the set of Annie.

The youngster stars as the title character in the film, a remake of the 1982 musical classic about a young orphaned girl.

Cameron takes on the role as mean Miss Hannigan, and gave a convincing performance to the young cast.

“There's a scene when I'm outside my foster home with Cameron Diaz and the other girls. Before filming, she was like, ‘Do you need a jacket? Do you need my hand warmer? Wrap your scarf around your neck one more time!’ Then they said action, and she yells, ‘You little rats!’ And I'm like, ‘What happened to my nice Cameron?!’” Quvenzhané recalled to Us Weekly magazine.

“Then another day, a car passed by during a scene. The passengers rolled down their windows and yelled, ‘We love you, Jamie Foxx!’ [who plays Will Stacks] as they drove down the street. We couldn't wave or laugh or do anything because we were filming. The scene was ruined!”

While Quvenzhané may only be 11, she’s familiar with the original movie.

She sees a lot of similarities between herself and spunky Annie, who follows her dreams to have a family.

“I'd seen the movie, so I knew the main scenes. But they didn't want me to watch it after I got the part! I like the story because Annie and I are both strong and confident. We both keep going forward,” she smiled.

As well as hobnobbing with her A-list co-stars, Quvenzhané got to hang out with Jamie’s five-year-old daughter.

“Annalise was so shy. I was like, ‘Can I have a hug?’ She whispered at Jamie, ‘Daddy?’ Then she hugged me. It was the cutest thing ever,” she remembered.

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