Oscar Isaac was hot and cold throughout X-Men shoot

Star Wars hero and Michael Fassbender enjoyed a laugh about their silly X-Men costumes to keep things light on demanding film set.

Oscar Isaac was always so hot in his Apocalypse suit while shooting the new X-Men movie he had to visit an on set cooling tent between takes.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens star had to wear blue make-up, prosthetics, high-heeled boots and a 40-pound (18.1 kilogram) suit to play the formidable X-Men character, and he admits he was rarely comfortable on set.

"I would do some acting and then go to my tent and try to breathe and not freak out that sweat was pouring into my ears and I couldn't touch them," Oscar tells Rolling Stone. "It was rough. But the challenge of basically doing Kabuki theatre in a film was crazy."

But he impressed his producers with his upbeat attitude while struggling with his costume: "It was a nightmare contraption," says Simon Kinberg, "and he never complained."

Oscar also tried to make light of his latest job after bonding with co-star Michael Fassbender early in the shoot.

"He was dressed up in blue and I had my cape and helmet on (as Magneto)," Michael recalls. "Two grown men. We had a little chuckle."

But there is a dream-come-true element to Isaac's latest film role, because he grew up with the X-Men comics.

He enlisted the help of his tutor pal Bruce Ferguson, who is also an X-Men nerd, to help him get into character.

According to Rolling Stone, the pair collected X-Men comics and even played a Marvel role-playing game together as kids growing up in Florida.

"I was really into the character," Oscar explains. "I'm not a huge comic-book-movie fan. I like them and I appreciate them, but it's started to feel a little bit repetitive. I did really like Deadpool, and the last X-Men (movie)."

The new X-Men movie, which also features Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Rose Byrne, and Sophie Turner, opens around the world this week (beg16May16). It debuts in U.S. cinemas on 27 May (16).

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