Nicholas Hoult: I'm a sucker for gossip

Nicholas Hoult struggled to snort fake lines of cocaine for his new film.

Actor Nicholas Hoult thinks gossip magazines are ridiculous, but can't stop reading them.

The British star has featured on the cover of many such titles thanks to his on-off relationship with Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. He's recently been linked to his Equals co-star Kristen Stewart and while he finds the speculation ridiculous, he is guilty of believing gossip himself.

"Classic innit?" he laughed to Britain's Metro newspaper. "That's all anyone ever writes about. Everyone knows that stuff is made up. You read: 'A friend said...' and I'd love to know who this 'friend' was. I'm a sucker for it myself though. I'll be flicking through whatever it might be and go 'Gasp - no way?' and then I'll think, 'Oh no, wait a minute, that's probably nonsense.’"

While the 25-year-old admits these kinds of stories can "feel hurtful" he tries to think of them as a storm in a teacup doesn’t waste much energy on them, focusing on his work instead. As well as his movie with Kristen, Nicholas also has black comedy Kill Your Friends to promote.

The film sees Nicholas as Steven Stelfox, a music industry worker who takes the idea of 'killer tunes' to a whole new level when fuelled by greed, ambition and drugs. The part required the actor to do a lot of outrageous things, like weeing on co-star James Corden, but Nicholas enjoyed the challenge.

"We had to snort lines of cocaine, which was actually sugar powder," he revealed. "And because of the world the characters are in, the lines were quite big. I remember trying to do it and then coughing the sugar powder all over James and having to apologise and say: 'Sorry dude, oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing.' And trying to pretend to snort cocaine while holding sick in my mouth because later on in the scene I have to throw up. It was surreal."

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