Neeson’s ‘charisma’ in Taken

Liam Neeson’s character in the Taken movies is “the most enduring one” he’s ever had, according to studio heads.

Liam Neeson’s “charisma” is integral to the success of the Taken trilogy, studio executives claim.

The 62-year-old actor starred in each of the three action thriller movies, the last of which won big at the box office this weekend. And Hollywood heavyweights are saying it’s all about the Irish star’s on-screen presence and character wielding.

“Out of all the characters he’s done, this is the most enduring one,” Chris Aronson, an executive in charge of 20th Century Fox’s distribution of the movies, told Variety. “It’s hard to explain a phenomenon like Taken. There’s something about this character and the charisma he brings to it that just works.”

Liam returns as retired CIA sleuth Bryan Mills in the third and final installment, entitled Taken 3. The movie follows his quest to figure out who killed his wife after he finds her dead in his own apartment.

According to the powers that be, Liam’s leading man appeal helps sell movie tickets and has caused him to be cast in other action films.

“It comes down to being reliable and giving audiences what they want,” Phil Contrino from told Variety, speaking about the actor. “When someone has a surge and they become popular in a specific genre, you always think, ‘Well, when do they slow down?’ But it hasn’t. It’s been six years of him being an action star.”

And their theories seem to have worked, with Taken 3 blasting The Hobbit out of the water at the box office this weekend. The film took home $40.4 million in the North American market, putting it in the number one position.

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