Lily James gets first taste of fame

Lily James has recalled the long audition process she had to go through to bag the title role in Cinderella.

Lily James has had her first surreal Hollywood moment.

The English rose shot to international fame playing Lady Rose MacClare in period drama Downton Abbey, with the entire cast bagging a Screen Actors Guild Award earlier this year. The show also boasts three Golden Globes and 11 Emmy awards.

Starring in Downton has opened up doors in Hollywood for 25-year-old Lily, and she's gearing up for the release of her new movie Cinderella.

"My WhatsApp on my phone is going crazy because there's a huge poster on Sunset Boulevard of me. It's massive. All my friends in LA are messaging me pictures or videos as they pass it. It's so surreal," Lily giggled to The Hollywood Reporter.

Cinderella is the live action remake of Disney's 1950's animated flick, and co-stars Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter and Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden.

It's helmed by Kenneth Branagh, who put Lily through a tough casting process.

"It was the longest and most intense audition process I've done. I went in for one of the sisters but I had dyed my hair blonde for Downton, so they said I should read for Cinderella. I did loads of rounds, did screen tests with live mice and met with Ken to talk about his vision.

"I do find film harder because onstage you're thriving off the audience. I love that it can be completely different every night. With filming I find there can so many distractions and a sense of needing to make everything subtle. That balance can be quite hard," she explained.

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