Kristen Stewart given directing boost from Jodie Foster

Kristen Stewart is preparing to make her own short film Come Swim.

Jodie Foster gave Kristen Stewart encouragement by telling her she was fully capable of becoming a director.

The Twilight actress has made no secret of her desire to step behind the camera and make her own movies and she is gearing up to direct her first short film, known as Come Swim (previously known as Water), based on a short story she developed three years ago.

Kristen is overjoyed to be making her transition to directing and was given an even bigger boost when her Panic Room co-star Jodie, who is also an actor/director, assured Kristen she already had the skills to do a good job.

"I've never thought there was a huge divide between acting and directing," she told Britain's HELLO! magazine. "Jodie Foster said something very helpful when I told her I was going to make this movie - she said: 'The first thing you're going to learn is that you don't have much to learn - you're totally ready already.' That was an incredible thing to hear coming out of that particular mouth."

The short film is part of an anthology series commissioned by lifestyle website Refinery29, which will also features works by Chloe Sevigny and Empire star Gabourey Sidibe.

Although she will continue acting, Kristen will mainly focus on the production side - something she has wanted for some time.

"I'll carry on acting, but making films is where I really want to be. I've wanted to make movies since I was nine years old," she said.

She has taken a break from acting to make the short, but she will hardly be missed as she managed to film five movies in the last year and a half, including upcoming Woody Allen romantic comedy Cafe Society, dystopian thriller Equals and ghost story Personal Shopper.

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