Julianne Moore: My awards are shocking

Julianne Moore is such a planner she even sets the table for breakfast the night before.

Julianne Moore is still surprised by her awards success.

The actress is currently on an Oscars high, after scooping the best actress award on Sunday night for her role as an early onset Alzheimer's sufferer in Still Alice.

The golden statue was the latest in a long line of awards won for the role, including a Golden Globe, BAFTA and SAG.

"I am very grateful, I am honestly so grateful. It's completely surprising," Julianne gushed to TV show Good Morning Britain.

As well as wowing with her performance, Julianne also shone at this year's Academy Awards in a custom made Chanel dress that was personally designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

When asked how much preparation goes into her outfit choices, Julianne revealed her gowns are always chosen months in advance.

"I'm a planner. But I'm the sort of person who sets the table the night before for breakfast, so it's not just... but I do!" she giggled. "People laugh at me but you know I get up early with my kids, I get up at 6.30am and then my daughter comes down at around 7am and my son comes down at 7.15am. So at night I set the table, I put the kettle on the stove. It's crazy but it just helps me. I like to be ready."

Talking about her turn as Alzheimer's sufferer Alice Howland, the 54-year-old is grateful for all the help she received in researching for the role.

The film co-stars Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin and Kate Bosworth and has been well received by the Alzheimer's community.

"I met some people the other day at the premiere who are dealing with early onset Alzheimer's and they really said they felt represented, they felt seen.

"I would never, ever, ever assume to actually know what it's like. I mean I think that you make a mistake as an actor to say you understand something. I don't. I learnt about it and I was fortunate enough to have access to people who shared their feelings with me about it, but all I can do is represent something. I don't think you actually know unless it's happening to you," she outlined.

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