Jessica Chastain's finger-wagging fun

Jessica Chastain is amused by how people confuse her role in The Help.

Jessica Chastain has people wagging their fingers at her after A Most Violent Year.

The 38-year-old actress starred as Anna Morales in last year's crime drama flick, which followed immigrant Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac) as he protected his business in early-80s New York.

In one scene Jessica's alter ego is seen giving strong words to David Oyelowo's character D.A. Lawrence, who is investigating her husband, and it seems it has become a hit with fans.

"[Director] J. C. Chandor and I were laughing about the finger-wag, 'this was very disrespectful' moment recently," she giggled to Empire magazine. "On the day, I wasn't even aware that I did it, but now people come up and waggle their finger at me! I get it a lot."

She's now become synonymous with serious roles, but it was her part as ditzy Celia Foote in The Help that really propelled her into the spotlight and saw her nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar and Golden Globe. However, viewers still get confused over her appearing in the movie.

"Some people say, 'You were great in The Help, but I can't believe you ate that poop pie.' I have to say, 'That's not the part I played, but... thank you!'" she grinned, referring to a memorable moment in the feature involving her co-star Bryce Dallas Howard's character Hilly Holbrook.

Next up, fans can see the flame-haired beauty in horror Crimson Peak alongside Tom Hiddleston. It's a new direction for the star and she was determined to land the role.

"I think [director] Guillermo del Toro thought I was going to respond to another role, but I wanted a huge challenge and gravitated towards [my character] Lucille. It's unlike any role I've ever played before," she added.

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