Jessica Chastain set to go native as Sitting Bull's 'white squaw'

Jessica Chastain may take on another important historical role.

Jessica Chastain is in negotiations to play the real-life artist who became Native American leader Sitting Bull's personal assistant.

If she signs on for the role, The Martian star will portray Caroline Weldon, a 19th-century Brooklyn artist and activist who moved to the Standing Rock Reservation in what is now South Dakota to help Sioux chief Sitting Bull fight to keep his tribe's land.

Weldon was dubbed Sitting Bull's white squaw as she fought for the rights of the Sioux, while living among them.

Woman Walks Ahead will be directed by Nanny McPhee's Susanna White from a screenplay written by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jessica has taken on socially conscious roles throughout her career, having become a household name in 2011 after starring in American Civil Rights era drama The Help.

She will next be seen in The Zookeeper's Wife, which is based on Diane Ackerman's book about Antonina Zabinska, who sheltered people in animal cages at the Warsaw Zoo during the Nazi invasion of Poland at the beginning of World War Two.

The Zookeeper's Wife is directed by female filmmaker Niki Caro and Jessica is proud to be part of such a woman-friendly movie.

"There are female producers (Diane Levin, Kim Zubick and Katie McNeill), a female screenwriter (Angela Workman), a female novelist (Diane Ackerman), a female protagonist and a female director," she gushed to The Hollywood Reporter. "I've never seen a female camera operator like Rachael Levine on one of my films. And I've never, ever seen a female stunt co-ordinator like Antje 'Angie' Rau.

"Usually, on a movie, it would be me and maybe two or three other women, even though there are 100 people there. It's crazy."

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