Jesse Eisenberg relishes playing a ‘confident’ magician

Jesse Eisenberg describes Now You See Me 2 director Jon M. Chu as a “very funny guy” who strikes the right balance between fun and tense moments in the new film.

Jesse Eisenberg delighted in reprising his role as Danny Atlas in the Now You See Me sequel.

Now You See Me 2 continues the story of illusionist group the Four Horseman (played by Jesse, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and new addition Lizzy Caplan) who use magic to wow and better the world. In the sequel, they’re framed by a powerful businessman (Daniel Radcliffe) to help steal a super high-end technology.

Of making the follow-up to the 2013 hit, Jesse says he jumped straight back into playing Danny, and relished playing a character so different from himself.

“Most of the characters I end up playing, by virtue of me seeking them out, are depressed, troubled, struggling people,” he told Total Film magazine. “So this character is the opposite. Danny's confident, he's skilled, he's self assured... all the things I'm not. So when I play this role it's the biggest relief of my life. It's the time I look forward to the most, because I know I won't have to contemplate my own life for at least five months.”

Jon M. Chu took over from Louis Leterrier to direct the sequel, and Jesse thinks the Step Up 2: The Streets filmmaker did a great job in navigating the specific tone of the movie. The 32-year-old actor was full of praise for Jon adding that while he takes his work very seriously, he’s a “very funny guy” and has a knack for knowing which dramatic or comedic note to strike in each scene.

“Winking at the audience at the same time as creating real stakes... is very difficult. But I think it's why this sequel is so good. It feels at once very fun and also very tense,” explained Jesse.

Now You See Me 2 opens in U.K. cinemas on 4 July (16).

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