Jesse Eisenberg: I'm making Lex Luthor real

Jesse Eisenberg still finds it interesting to play the outsider.

Jesse Eisenberg's only allegiance to Lex Luthor is to play the character honesty.

The American actor is known for portraying offbeat and quirky roles, but is turning nasty for his turn as baddie Lex in next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Jesse has had to deal with career backlash before, even experiencing it with new movie The End of the Tour from the David Foster Wallace estate, the late writer who the movie is based on. The possibility of criticism doesn't weigh too heavy though.

"My only allegiance with playing a role like that is to do it in the most honest and interesting way. It was written by Chris Terrio - he's a great writer; he's very thoughtful about character and emotion and dialogue - and my job was to kind of ground it in some kind of reality," Jesse mused to Details of Lex.

Over the years Jess has been nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe for The Social Network and garnered praise for projects like Zombieland and Adventureland. Bigger productions like Now You See Me have also gone down well, with a sequel slated for next year. Playing the outsider that wins has stood Jesse in good stead, and he's not ready to switch up genres just yet.

"I guess I would, if anything, say that those are interesting roles to play, because inherent in the links that you're attributing to those parts, there is like a kind of dramatic striving that's always interesting. I don't know what I would do instead. If I was in The Fast and the Furious, maybe I wouldn't have such alienated strivings, but I also probably wouldn't play such a character," he smiled.

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