James, Madden address British fairytale casting

Lily James and Richard Madden have spoken about how “powerful” the titular character is in Disney’s new live-action Cinderella film.

Lily James isn’t sure why British actors seem to be landing fairy tale parts recently.

The 25-year-old English actress plays the titular role in Disney’s new live-action feature Cinderella, which was directed by Kenneth Branagh.

It was recently revealed Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, who both hail from the UK, are starring in a forthcoming rendition of Beauty and the Beast.

And in a joint interview with her Scottish Cinderella co-star Richard Madden, Lily admitted she’s a bit bemused as to why Disney is choosing to hire so many British actors in their live-action movies.

"I don't know! It's weird!” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “[On set,] there was a sense of theatre of company, of epic storytelling in an intimate nature. I don't know whether British actors are more theatre?"

Richard also isn’t sure on the motive, although he thinks it may be connected to the European roots of fairy tales.

However, the star isn’t convinced these castings are contrived in any way.

"Maybe it's just because it goes back further — fairy tales are just bred in us. Or maybe it's just coincidence! I don't think it's deliberate,” Richard said.

Cinderella director Kenneth has starred in several adaptations of William Shakespeare’s plays and he received Academy Award nominations for his work in Henry V and Hamlet.

Both Lily and Richard are impressed with the way he chose to depict Cinderella in their new picture.

"This Cinderella is a really powerful, strong character — I wanted to bring a strength of spirit to the role," Lily shared, with Richard noting, “This young woman in distress doesn't need a man to save her. That's totally irrelevant — she'd be fine without the prince, she'd get on with it."

Cinderella reaches American theatres on Friday March 13.

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