James Franco developing series of crime thrillers

The multitalented star has secured the rights for three new exciting projects.

Actor/director James Franco is developing a trio of crime films based on writer Tom Franklin's novels.

The 127 Hours star and production partner Vince Jolivette have obtained the rights to Franklin's bestselling books Smonk, Poachers, and Hell at the Breech and plan to begin filming them soon.

Vince tells America's Variety magazine,"We plan on shooting all three of them in the next one-to-three years."

There are currently no plans for James to appear in or direct any of the films, with his production partner adding, "We feel the material is rich enough to attract A-level talent."

All three books are largely set in the American south. Smonk and Hell at the Breech follow grisly crimes committed in 1911 and 1897, respectively.

"We're labelling these as our gritty Southern Gothic series of films," the producer, who develops films with James through their Rabbit Bandini Productions company, adds.

Franco has a very diverse list of recent film projects on his resume, as earlier this year (16), the star debuted his new gay porn drama King Cobra at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine about his creative approach back in March (16), the multitalented entertainer revealed he hates to restrict his expression by buying into labels.

"The problem with doing a movie every two or three years is (A) you don't get to work as much, and I love working, and (B) so much pressure is then put on that project," he noted before insisting he rejects "the tacit hierarchies and rules about the kinds of projects that build a great career. Like, I was on General Hospital at the same time I was nominated for an Oscar (in 2011), and I realised there are things you can do on a soap that you can't do anywhere else."

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