Jake Gyllenhaal: Nightmares are good

Jake Gyllenhaal thinks nightmares are just a way of communicating with ourselves.

Jake Gyllenhaal finds being scared helpful.

The 33-year-old stars in upcoming drama movie Nightcrawler as Lou Bloom, a man who gets entangled in the underground world of freelance crime journalism in Los Angeles. His character is described as 'dark', but Jake used that trait to his advantage while shooting the film.

“I always have nightmares,” he told variety.com about the way Lou would stay present even away from the set, before being aware of his words and answering again. “I don’t really believe in nightmares. I don’t believe the things that scare us are in our dreams. I think they are us communicating with ourselves. Even if I’m scared, I think they are helpful sometimes.”

The handsome actor, who also served as producer on the movie, dropped 30 pounds for the role after he and director Dan Gilroy decided what Lou should look like. It meant he went on a strict diet and although it was hard, Jake is sure it actually benefitted his performance.

“I would try to eat as few calories as possible,” he explained. “I knew if I was hungry that I was in the right spot. Physically, it showed itself, but chemically and mentally, I think it was even a more fascinating journey. It became a struggle for me... There was a general sense that [Lou] was a coyote. I just wanted to live that way.”

Jake also ran 15 miles a day to keep his frame lean. It paid off, although Dan admits being a little freaked out by the star's appearance during production.

“When you watch the film and see the angularity of his face, the hollow cheeks, the way that his eyes become prominent,” Dan noted. “It’s such a haunting look for a night shoot.”

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