Jake Gyllenhaal: I'm a cry baby

Jake Gyllenhaal cried over and over again while reading the script for his new movie Southpaw.

Jake Gyllenhaal covered his head with a towel on a flight so people didn't see him crying over a script.

The star's new movie is called Southpaw, in which he plays a boxer who is determined to succeed even when everything in his life is failing. It's an emotional ride, something Jake became only too aware of when he initially saw the script.

"I was so moved by it too, I sat there reading the script and it made me cry when I read it. There were two or three times in the script when I was reading it and I was just crying. Even when I read other drafts, as they did rewrites in the script... I remember I was on a plane and I was reading it and I just started to cry in the plane and everybody looked at me like...," he laughed to BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw. "I have this tendency to cry on planes in general, I don't know what it is, I think it's the altitude. I covered my head with a towel; I was doing everything I could!"

Jake is fiercely proud of this release, which also stars Rachel McAdams and 50 Cent. Although he knows it will hit people in the heart, he hopes they'll also enjoy the storyline - plus the fight sequences pack a massive punch.

50 portrays Jake's character Billy's manager and has been open about how jealous he was of the shape the actor got into for the shoot. That didn't stop the rapper giving the role his all though, with Jake astounded by how seriously he took things.

"[He's] really great, he's a consummate artist. And the thing about him is that so many people come on set and they only have two weeks and then they have to leave and go and do another movie and this and that. And 50 was always available and he'd come in and he'd be, basically in the fight scenes he was a glorified extra, he would sit there patiently, excited to watch stuff and support me between takes," he gushed. "When we worked together he was always curious and trying to figure things out. I love him. It's hard not to love 50."

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