Idris Elba expecting criticism over The Dark Tower performance

Idris Elba ensured he was respectful of the public while shooting his movie Yardie in the wake of the London terrorist attacks.

Idris Elba suspects he may be heavily criticised for his performance in The Dark Tower.

The British actor plays Gunslinger Roland Deschain in the movie adaptation of author Stephen King’s science fantasy novels about a mythical building which sustains all realities, with Matthew McConaughey playing Idris’ nemesis Walter O’Dim, the Man in Black.

The Luther star’s casting caused uproar among loyal fans of book, though Idris isn’t letting negative comments stop him from feeling proud of the finished piece, which he describes as the “fruits of my labour”.

“It’s very rare that people who love a book are satisfied by the film,” he sighed to Time Out London. “Stephen King is an author whose imagination is so wild, any everyone interprets for themselves what the things he writes might look like. People will go: ‘It shouldn’t look like that!’ Even my casting was massively polarising. I suspect I might get a real b**locking for my performance. Or not!”

As the film makes its way into cinemas around the globe the 44-year-old actor has also celebrated finishing production on his directorial debut, Yardie, which he shot in the London borough of Hackney where he grew up.

The feature is based on writer Victor Headley’s book of the same name about a courier transporting drugs from Jamaica to the British capital, though Idris had to be wary of how he shot some of the scenes after terror attacks in the city earlier this year (17).

“London has been dealing with a lot of violence, so you don’t get the permits to do really anything that involves guns,” he explained. “It’s just sensitivity around the recent attacks, being respectful of the public. So we just reimagined what we had to shoot and did it a different way.”

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