Dwayne Johnson: I can't believe my life

Dwayne Johnson thinks Jason Statham is a legitimate movie hard man.

Dwayne Johnson couldn't have been further away from a Hollywood star as a teenager.

The muscle man made his name as WWE wrestler The Rock, flexing his pecks in the ring on a regular basis.

He then made the successful move into films and currently has eight new projects in the pipeline.

"I was evicted at 15. At 24 I had seven bucks in my pocket. Hollywood was the furthest thing. I was in a little apartment with my mom and dad in Tampa, Florida. So to be here, things are good buddy!" Dwayne laughed on TV show Good Morning Britain.

Later this week sees the release of Fast & Furious 7, where Dwayne, 42, stars as tough guy Hobbs. He's joined by Furious regulars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Paul Walker, who tragically died in 2013, while the film was in production.

The film premieres tonight in Los Angeles, and Dwayne hopes the fans will be happy with the result.

"Given the circumstances, with the loss of Paul, trying to find the balance of being entertaining to the fans - that's the number one responsibility. And then being respectful to Paul, and a tribute to him at the end and I think the movie plays," he said.

Jason Statham takes on a central role in the fast car adventure, portraying baddie Deckard Shaw, who's seeking revenge after his terrorist brother Owen was defeated by the Furious gang.

Dwayne has nothing but praise for the British hard man, revealing Jason pushed him even further to perform.

"The thing about Jason is that he is one of the few movie stars who has a legitimate skill set in fighting. When somebody like that comes on set, it brings out the best in me," he smiled.

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