Domhnall Gleeson: Social media is scary

Domhnall Gleeson feels pressure to not act "like a robot" during interviews.

Domhnall Gleeson freaks out when he hears people are pretending to be him on Twitter.

The former Harry Potter star has shaken off his role as Bill Weasley and has gone on to star in films such as About Time and, more recently, Ex Machina.

It's a tale of a young programmer who falls in love with female A.I., which has caused the 31-year-old to think about the dangers of technology.

While social networking might not be quite as advanced as creating a human-like robot, it still baffles the redheaded star.

"It’s funny doing this as a Turing Test, because when you do interviews for movies, all the interviewers want you not to be a robot. 'It was fun making the movie. I liked the script. I liked the actors.' They want stuff that proves that you’re more than the automaton that’s been answering all the other questions in the exact same way," he considered during a conversation with Complex magazine.

"But I try and keep as much as I can personal, because I don’t figure it’s anyone’s business. I’m not on social media. My friend emailed me yesterday that somebody was pretending to be me on Twitter and had become friends with people who I knew. That’s scary. Isn’t that weird? What would you do if someone pretended to be you?"

Alicia Vikander takes on the role as robot Ava, who was built by Oscar Isaac's Nathan. Alicia researched dopamine and the human body extensively, which Domhnall reasons made him look at the body as a "machine" and question whether the notion of a soul is realistic.

However, it hasn't put him off love entirely - even the idea of falling for a robot.

"There’s two ways to look at it: There’s the, 'Holy God! That’s scary and the world is a terrifying place,' and the other is like, 'What’s the number for that lab? Because whatever they’ve created, I want one.' If it makes you happy, who gives a sh*t what it is?" he reasoned.

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