Daniel Radcliffe offered karate lion role

Daniel Radcliffe has joked about some of the bad movie roles he was offered after the end of Harry Potter.

Daniel Radcliffe was offered a remake of The Wizard of Oz where he'd play "a karate-kicking cowardly lion" after Harry Potter ended.

The actor found fame playing the boy wizard in the movie franchise, which also made stars of Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. After the final instalment hit screens in 2011 the trio were swamped with work offers, with some more interesting than others.

"They weren't good," Daniel laughed to Britain's Hello! magazine. "I was offered a remake of The Wizard of Oz with Rupert and Emma. They wanted me to play a karate-kicking cowardly lion and presumably Emma would be Dorothy, Rupert would be scarecrow..."

No one predicted what a smash hit the Harry Potter series would be and the young stars had to deal with a whirlwind rise to fame. Things have calmed a bit over the last few years, although Daniel still gets recognised daily. That's fine when fans are polite, but woe betide anyone who is sneaky when approaching him.

"The only time it annoys me is when young people take pictures without asking, because if they asked me, the chances are I'd say yes," he said. "I remember being in this restaurant in New York and this girl didn't even look - carried on talking to her friend - and this huge flash came from like two tables away. I waited til the end of the meal, getting angrier and angrier, and I could see them all giggling so I went up to them and said, 'What you did was wrong. Had you asked, it would have been fine but it was rude, which you should know for future reference.'"

In day to day life Daniel doesn't often get set upon by fans these days, and when he is asked to stop there is a marked improvement in people knowing his real name.

"I can step outside," he laughed. "It's definitely changed to how it was a few years ago. I used to go into my (local supermarket) and one guy was calling me Harry for a year. And I had to say to him, 'Look, mate, my name's not Harry it's Dan.'"

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