Chastain’s two-timing challenge

Jessica Chastain found it hard to do two different accents in movies she was working on simultaneously.

Jessica Chastain will never make two films at the same time again.

The 37-year-old actress worked on J.C. Chandor’s A Most Violent Year, while she was also shooting Crimson Peak with Guillermo del Toro. The movie sets were in completely different places, and in the end the travel took its toll.

“Yeah, that was tough, having to fly from set to set, and do two different accents,” she told Total Film magazine. “A coach on each one – a completely different look. I’m blonde in J.C.’s film and very glamorous, but then I’m dark and mysterious in Guillermo’s film. I’d do a scene and then fly back to Toronto to do Guillermo’s film, set in 1901. I’m never doing that again, flying back and forth!”

It’s not the first time Jessica and Guillermo have worked together. The pair teamed up on spooky 2013 flick Mama and this time around the actress was intent on doing something very different.

“He sent me the script and I connected to a character that was very different from the one he initially envisioned for me. Not a personal connection… but because I wanted to challenge myself and do something that people might not expect from me,” she explained. “We spent four months on this film, and it was exhausting! But every single day was a joy.”

Crimson Peak is about an author who is trying to cope with a family tragedy and ends up in a mysterious house, while A Most Violent Year follows a man intent on protecting his family while danger rages in New York City.

Jessica has been nominated for two Oscars in the past and is hotly tipped to do well this awards season thanks to A Most Violent Year. Despite being at the top of her game professionally, the star still gets nervous when she heads to set.

“No, because I still get shy,” she replied, when quizzed on whether she’s a good schmoozer. “When I was on set with Christopher Nolan [on Interstellar] I didn’t talk very much because I just wanted him to like me. You don’t want to say something stupid!”

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