Cara D: I'm Baby Spice!

Cara Delevingne hopes to be a role model for young girls as she didn't have enough people to look up to when she was little.

Cara Delevingne's favourite Spice Girl was Baby.

The 22-year-old star made her name in the fashion world but is now breaking into film, with her next release called Paper Towns. She hopes to use her fame to be a role model for young girls as she didn't always have someone to look up to, although Cara does count the Spice Girls as a big influence.

"When I was a little girl, I had more men as my role models - superheroes - because I was a tomboy and I liked to play with cars and build things. I loved the Spice Girls. It started with Baby [Emma Bunton], then Sporty [Mel C] and then Geri [Halliwell]," she told British magazine Hello!

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham was also in the band, although she didn't make Cara's list and neither did the fifth member Mel B. They aren't the only famous faces the British model looks up to, as she also has her eyes firmly set on the Hollywood A-list.

"I would love to emulate Angelina Jolie's career. I think it's amazing what she does now especially being a director as well. I have a bunch of friends who are role models to me, like Taylor [Swift] and Rihanna. Those hard-working ladies are completely independent and amazing," she marvelled.

Cara is renowned for pulling funny faces when she is posing and being full of energy, but she insists she can be shy too. When she was at school she wasn't that outgoing and even now she likes to spend time with the quiet people at social gatherings, to make sure they are having fun.

She also suffers from nerves, which she's recently realised she's not that good at covering up.

"I'm never not nervous, unless I'm going a catwalk. I can't stop speaking and I get all weird and I start doing stupid things. I go off on a tangent to try to hide the fact that I'm nervous, but actually it's blatantly obvious that I am," she said.

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