Cage: Criticism doesn't hinder me

Nicolas Cage hopes he is doing something "unique and original" with his career.

Nicolas Cage doesn't pay attention to criticism because he's hoping to break the mould.

The 50-year-old actor may have won an Academy Award for Leaving Las Vegas in 1996, but some still accuse him of over-acting. He's been in the industry long enough not to let things like that affect him, especially as many of his heroes have faced disapproval too.

"It hasn't always been met with appreciation, but that is the beauty of the challenge: you have to stick to your beliefs," he told The Talks for Details of his acting style. "I think that if someone does something really unique and original, chances are that it's going to get criticised. A lot of my heroes in the past were heavily criticised for being different, like Edvard Munch and Stravinsky. These are people that broke the mould."

Nicolas opened up more about the way he tackles his on-screen characters. He thinks hard about the script before deciding how to embark on his performance, but insists his method is nothing new.

"You can design a performance in terms of the size of it, go outside the box, be operatic, but if there is emotional content in it - if you still have the feeling - you can commit to whatever you want," he said. "I'm not the first one to do it. In the '30s it happened quite a bit. Look at Cagney, was he real? No. Was he truthful? Yes."

The actor was born Nicolas Coppola and his uncle is legendary director Francis Ford Coppola, with Sofia Coppola his cousin. The star is fiercely proud of all his family have succeeded, but worried about his name when he was trying to make it in Hollywood. That is why he changed it, something he in no way regrets.

"As a young actor going into casting offices I couldn't get that [name] off of me," he said.

"As soon as I went into the casting office under a new name and they didn't know that there was a connection and I got the part, I was like, 'I can really do this.' I felt liberated."

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