Ben Affleck: 'I know I'm lucky'

Ben Affleck realises life isn't perfect, but he's more than content with what he's got.

Ben Affleck recognises his luck more now that he's older.

The Argo actor not only has a successful movie career, with two Oscars under his belt, but he's also a proud father to Violet, 11, seven-year-old Seraphina and four-year-old Samuel with estranged wife Jennifer Garner. But it's only during recent years that Ben, 44, has been able to appreciate how well off he is in life.

"I've gotten to be much better at recognising my luck as I've got older," he told "I have three great kids, and they've got the best mom in the world, and I'm really lucky that I get to work in this great business. I look around my life, and while everything's not exactly how I want it to be - every take isn't perfect, and I'd like there to be world peace, and I'd definitely like the political situation to be different than it is - I can see how lucky I am."

He believes those in the industry are bad at remembering the positives in their life and being grateful for what they have, with his brother Casey coming up with a joke to reflect this. Being a film star too, the Gone Baby Gone actor's line is: "What's the best way to get an actor to complain? Give him a job."

One of Ben's latest films, The Accountant, sees him play a man with Asperger's Syndrome who crunches numbers for criminals alongside his job as an accountant. But when he discovers a huge fraud, he must protect himself and his family from being targeted.

"One (thing that attracted me to the movie) was about parenting and children and the way we try to protect our children, even though we may be doing damage," he explained. "That hold that we have over our children and that they have over us was really interesting to me."

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