Baywatch cast became 'like a family'

Kelly Rohrbach met her CJ Parker predecessor Pamela Anderson when she filmed her cameo.

The Baywatch cast became so close during the shoot that they were like "a family", according to Kelly Rohrbach.

The model plays CJ Parker in the big screen reboot of the ‘90s TV series, a part originally made famous by Pamela Anderson, alongside the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, and Alexandra Daddario.

The team shot the action comedy over four months and during that time, they became a tight-knit group.

"We were shooting for four months and became like a family," she told Hello! magazine. "They're funny, funny, guys. Everyone got very close. It was a really nice feeling on set."

The job was much different to Kelly’s modelling projects, where she isn't given as much time to bond with her co-workers.

"Modelling is much more fast paced, whereas when you're on set for four months you're with the same people, you develop a family feeling and you're grounded," she explained.

"With modelling, it's go, go, go! Different day, different city, different hair and make-up and everybody is different all the time."

Due to the movie’s female cast members having to wear the classic red swimsuits synonymous with the TV show, they spent their free time honing their beach bodies to ensure they were in tip-top shape for the shoot.

They were all given personal trainers and Kelly spent a lot of time running, boxing and doing weights, but that afforded her some freedom when it came to her food intake.

"I'm a pretty hefty eater," she confessed. "I have to eat a lot of function so I don't really diet, especially when I have to work out more. I ended up eating a T-bone steak every night for dinner because we were doing so much muscle work."

The 27-year-old also got to meet CJ’s former alter ego Pamela when the actress came to film her cameo in the movie, a meeting Kelly labelled “good fun” and “cool”.

Baywatch hits cinemas from 11 May (17).

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