Anson Mount: Neeson is gentle giant

Anson Mount thinks Liam Neeson has his priorities in the right place.

Anson Mount was blown away by Liam Neeson when filming Non-Stop.

The actor starred as a fellow air marshal opposite the Taken actor in the mystery action film. But the 41-year-old got to see another side to Liam in contrast to the tough roles he plays on the big screen.

"First of all, he’s in incredible shape. He’s [62], which blew my mind. Second of all, he’s a very gentle guy. He’s a big guy, but he’s a very gentle guy. Safety first. He’s got nothing to prove. You can tell he’s a guy with his priorities in the right place," Anson told Collider.

"I don’t know what his particular deal is, but there’s a point in the day when his work day is done, no questions asked, and he goes home to his boys. I like him a lot."

The In Her Shoes star got the chance to fight Liam in the film. But as the altercation took place in the airplane toilet, it needed a lot of rehearsing to get it right and look authentic.

"I devoted many, many, many, many of my days off, to come into set, just to rehearse that fight scene with Liam. We wanted it to look good," he recalled. "With the help of our fight choreographer, our consultant and a stunt double, I think we did a pretty good job with it. In terms of all of the manoeuvring, the way in which you handle a gun, the way in which we fight, and even the pressure point he went for on my neck, we had a consultant for."

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