Andrew Garfield: I'm about fate

Actor Andrew Garfield has no idea what he'll be doing in a decade as he doesn't sweat life decisions.

Actor Andrew Garfield would rather not know where he'll be in ten years’ time because he prefers to trust in fate.

The 32-year-old star's lack of a definite career plan hasn't held him back, as he was involved in the Spider-Man franchise for several years - although he's now hung up his web for good. Leaving a franchise behind would spook some stars, but Andrew has no such qualms.

"Whoa - ten years?" he marvelled to Britain's Hello! magazine when asked where he'll be in a decade. "I don't know and I am willing not to know, I would rather be led by desire and responding to what is calling me at any given time. I've spent a lot of time up in my brain, planning things out, and these days I just want to get into a sense of following where I am called to. I think that fate has bigger plans for me than I could ever consciously make for myself, so I'm just going to let that lead me."

Andrew was quizzed on what motivates him when he's making movie decisions too. While some like to know they have a huge cheque coming their way, it's not the main concern for the British star.

"Arguably yes, but... I don't know," he replied, when asked if he wants to be wealthy. "The happiest people I know and the best people I know are not wealthy in a monetary sense, but they are wealthy in joy and spirit and energy and friendship and love, which seems pretty good to me."

This could be why Andrew likes to strip things back when he isn't making movies. He's rarely seen attending glitzy events or falling out of nightclubs, mostly because he's at home getting to grips with wood.

"I do a bit of carpentry," he said. "Being an actor, there's generally not much solid stuff for me to hold on to when I'm working, so I've always craved the feeling of holding something in my hands that is solid and real. My grandfather was a carpenter so I decided I'd follow in his footsteps a little bit." The star has already made a coffee table and a rocking horse, with more projects planned.

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