Alexander Skarsgard doesn't want to repeat Tarzan diet

Alexander Skarsgard isn't keen to go through the diet and training process for a sequel.

Alexander Skarsgard hopes he won't have to undergo his strict diet and training regime again if The Legend of Tarzan sequel goes ahead.

The former True Blood star trained six days a week and observed a firm diet plan for eight months to play The King of the Jungle opposite Margot Robbie as Jane, and it was not a process he enjoyed.

There have already been talks about a sequel and Alexander really hopes he doesn't have to go through the routine again, or at least not to the same extent.

"Hopefully in the next one, Tarzan has gained weight and has been eating lots of cake and drinking pints of (beer) Stella," he joked to Britain's Closer magazine. "I'll write it!"

He already has some experience of going back onto the Tarzan diet, when he was called back to film additional scenes for the upcoming movie.

"It was the misery diet; it was awful. I was on a strict diet and exercise plan for eight months to get in shape; I ate a lot of chicken breasts. It was really hard," he grimaced.

"I got called back to do more filming a few months after wrapping up and I was like, 'Noooo', because I didn't want to go back on the diet again!"

Alexander was allowed one cheat day on his intense diet and he grew emotional when his trainer took him to an Italian restaurant and let him order anything he wanted.

"I started crying," the 39-year-old previously told E! Online. "He was like, 'Have pasta,' and I had it and then he was like, 'Are you still hungry?' I was like, 'Yeah!' He was like, 'Have a pizza then, have some tiramisu.' It was the best meal of my life."

The Legend of Tarzan is out in the U.S. on 1 July and 8 July (16) in the U.K.

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